Alt-Facts = A Lie is a Lie

When the time comes,
When the present that we call now fades into the ash heaps of history,
May we once and for all remember,
In all of realities wonderful splendor,
An alt-fact isn’t a fact,
Or a falsehood,
Or a misrepresentation,
But for what an alt-fact,
A falsehood,
And a misrepresentation is:


A lie spoken not to maliciously misinform,
Because a lie,
is a lie whose sole purpose,
is to deceive,
To throw people off the scent of what’s missing,
The light shined on the truth

© Gregory J. Broderick 2017


Maybe I was wrong,
Believing in America,
The idea that this experiment,
Wasn’t born out of consignment,
The idea that maybe,
Just maybe,
There stood a chance that progress could be made,
In the simple notion that all of us,
Be them Muslim,
or Latino,
Were on equal footing,
No more prejudice,
Hatred or violence YET,

Here we are in 2017,
Our first Orange President,
SCREAMS from the mountain tops that the brown people,
The ones who pray eastward towards Mecca,
The ones who live 10 to an apartment to send money back to their loved ones,
Are the trouble makers,
The rabble rousers,
Throwing chaos and dissention into the wind,
Throwing the public off his trail,
As we,
Modern Day Rome,
Begin to burn bright with the notion that this,
Maybe the end of America the great,
The shining city on the hill,
The notion that in spite of your differences,

© Gregory J. Broderick 2017

(insert name) in vain: (an observation)

If God,
Or Allah,
Or Hashem were real,
Would they feel,
Do they notice,
Can they see,
Are they angered the harsh stings of people taking their names in vain,
Saddened the crimes committed in their names,
To weep and stop the sufferings inflicted on the voiceless,

Because if they did,
If they were real,
Having the ability to feel,
to see the sufferings inflicted on the voiceless,
to feel the harsh stings of people taking their names in vain,
to feel saddened by the crimes committed in their names,
To speak out against them,
to be angered by the harsh stings of people taking their names in vain,
I don’t see them making a big fuss,
Because if they were real,
You’d think they’d make a huge noise by NOW!?!?!?

© Gregory J. Broderick 2017


As I look out my window,
The freezing rain hitting the pavement,
Dark Clouds looming in the once blue skies,
Tears fall from my eyes

Mania falls to the wayside,
Hit the ground running in magnificent stride,
Struggling as I get out of bed,
Wanting to stay in

Forcing myself to leave,
I feel the weight of my depression,
I can barely move,
Yet somehow,
I muster the strength to move forward,
Knowing that this too,
Shall pass,

The sun,
The pure light of feeling normal,
Is already peeking through,
And when this passes,
I’ll revel in not feeling blue,
The glue,
Binding mental illness to be being,
No longer

© Gregory J. Broderick 2017

The Escape from People Pleasing

I spent my life,
ALWAYS in a state of strife,
Asking for acceptance,
Praying to never feel the pangs of being less than,
Mother riding me for being too fem

I wanted to be like them,
The ones I saw as “normal”,
Wanting to be whole,
My soul aching,
Wondering why I suck,
Wondering if I’m doomed for a life of insanity,
Wondering how things could be

Until I woke up,
Drank from the cup,
Of immaculate courage,
Formed the beginnings of fortitude,
And became okay with the idea,
That I,
am more then enough

And when I ran with that idea,
I felt hope spring within in,
Sprouted wings,
And finally felt,

© Gregory J. Broderick 2017

I, American: (adj) (redefined 1/29/2017)

I never thought I’d say,
I’d live to see the day,
I am ashamed to be an American

Watching my President,
A man people voted for as the “lesser of two evils”,
Debase the ideas on which America was built,

I feel a tremendous amount of guilt,
And sorrow,
Regret over serving my country in the Navy,
Only to be,
Amongst the chorus of loud voices,
Waiting for 2020,
Praying for a candidate,
A better choice to win

Over the ego monster who uses verbal filth as a weapon,
Preying on the widening divide between “us” vs. “them”,
While his merry band of sycophants plunder the nations treasury

I wonder how could this be,
Going from an ethical man,
To a man Britain is considering banning,
Asking myself when will wake up from this nightmare,
Hoping this isn’t the beginning of America’s tragic end

© Gregory J. Broderick 2017


You’ve been President for three weeks,
And boy do I feel weak,
Knowing that as you,
Donald Trump,
The Emperor NERO of the 21st century,
Modern day Rome,

Factions divided,
The powers that be hoping that as we,
The factions,
in our great land argue,
The Emperors men plunder,
Robbing the spoils of our great land,
Leaving us stripped to the bone

© Gregory J. Broderick 2017